The Silent Age
fan projectmysterysurreal
The story of this short film starts in 2013 I played a game (The Silent Age) which had a weird environment and music so got spooked and didn't finish the game. After 7 years I had I vivid memory of it the eerie sounds the apocalyptic environment the colours that were used I had an idea to recreate the same feeling but in animation so after I researched I found it played it and finally finished it. After that, I wanted to start the project but I couldn't because of school. I always kept the idea in the back of my mind so at the start of 2021 I started The project with the goal of making an entire short film of the game and creating everything without using any assets I had 0 knowledge of how to animate or how to sculpt. I spent 8-9 months on this project and learned how to sculpt, topology, rigging, Texturing and animation. 95% of the project was created by me from scratch I only used assets when necessary. This film was supposed to be 10+ minutes long but I couldn't finish it because of uni and I want to start with other projects.