Cheesing Dreams - Blender Claymation Style
Cheesing Dreams - Trailer - A mice named Emilio is spending his entire life by chasing his true dream: reaching a huge slice of Parmigiano Cheese. From the little hole-house he lives in, the small mice is making crazy yet goofy plans to get to the goal. Even if all those tireless efforts keeps failing everytime, Emilio doesn't never give up, and with his determination (and a little bit of a lucky strike), he's going to reach his dreams...but maybe, not in the way he expected! The trailer of Cheesing Dreams is a 60seconds animation meant to be the trailer for an upcoming 5-8minutes animated shortmovie. TECH INFOS: Everything was modeled, textured and rendered using Blender 2.8 (EEVEE) and it took 1 month circa. Extra editing of the raw footage was made with Photoshop and Premiere. Directed By: Davide Pellino Modelling: Davide Pellino, Attilio Di Gaeta Animation/Lights/Render : Davide Pellino Video/Audio Editing: Davide Pellino The soundtrack used for the trailer is Fly Me To The Moon Frank Sinatra (1954).