Project Four Rings
Peter Dimitriou
carsfan projectphotorealism
Hi everyone, After finishing the pwnisher moving meditations challenge I wanted to embark on and create a cinematic animation that is actually longer than a few seconds. The inspiration for this piece came from William Landgren's 'VOLTA' and Audi announcing their F1 arrival come 2026. So, I thought hey why not make a fan made teaser video for Audi's announcement! Overall I was fairly pleased how it turned out. However, working on a 1070 has its limitations and definitely chews up time making small little changes so I did heavily rely on post. Thankfully my cousin allowed me to render this out on his 3090 though otherwise this wouldn't of been possible. I have broken down some of the post work on my patreon while attempting to explain the importance of black and white data. Its a bit empty in there ATM as I just created it but I intend on dumping a lot of stuff in there from project files to breakdowns. For this project I modelled everything excluding the F1 car. I used this wonderful model created by Nick Broad.