The Silence of Day
Niranjan Raghu
musicscience fictionsurreal
The Silence of Day is a symbolic fictional documentary covering the deteriorating ideological, geo-political, and economic changes that lead to a mass exodus from Earth. The Silence of Day is, in itself, a symbol of extant optimism about our Earth. As a species, we have primarily moved towards outer space with a colonial outlook, even though we regard it with a curious outlook. We offer one view among many others: optimism about the Earth does not counter optimism about Space. An equitable future is always in the cards, and every move we make to improve our impact on Earth’s climate is a move for an equitable future. The Silence of Day is possibly the worst outcome we could suffer as a species, and we hope it never comes to that. This film emerged in a back-and-forth collaboration between Vishal J. Singh (of Serpents of Pakhangba), and the director, Niranjan Raghu. A shorter, lighter cut of the film led to Vishal scoring over it. This score was vast, and carried so much additional weight and meaning, it inspired a detailed rewrite. This is the version you see here today, and the one we present with hope, as well as a healthy dose of paranoia.