EVENT 23 - Backrooms Inspired Blender Animation
Over the last few decades, the progress of science, medicine and technologies have given mankind the opportunity to understand an increasingly vast range of phenomena and events, allowing modern society to improve the quality of everyday life. Despite this remarkable evolution of research, some events still remain unexplained and are labeled as "supernatural" or "paranormal", but in the current historical context, where money and time flow quickly, there is little room to pay attention to such insignificant gaps of science and, often, these events are seen as mere coincidences, casualties to which hardly anyone gives any weight and without specific relevance. Almost no one. The Association is a para-state agency that moves in the shadows, detecting and cataloging these unexplained events, collecting as much information as possible to carry out further research about them. Its structure is not clearly known, nor is there any official documentation, but the agents of the Association have often been seen in the very places where these inexplicable phenomena come to life. The disappearance into thin air of an entire part of a building, an office completely flooded and destroyed by water that seems to have appeared out of nowhere, an adult deer found on the roof of a skyscraper. While all this goes unnoticed by the official press, the Association tries to trace a thread that connects all these events and demonstrates a link between each of them and reality as we perceive it: these phenomena of which there seems to be no explanation, could be the key to something unexpected and surprising, which could turn everything upside down. A few months ago, the issue came to the fore thanks to an unexpected release of part of the Association's archives. It is not known how these documents were exposed to sunlight, ended up in the hands of the press around the world and ended up on the front pages of newspapers and news bulletins. In doubt as to the veracity of this information, all we know is that the data at our disposal would refer to what, according to the Association's filing system, is cataloged as Event 23, which took place on July 2, 1992 in Nevada, USA