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Sparky (2020), Blender Open Animation Project (BOAP) Directed by Grant Chapman Produced by Christopher Hosken and Karlos Knowles Original Music by Purujit Kulshreshtha - Sparky is a short film created by 3D animation enthusiasts. Sparky follows the story of a robot named Sparky who seeks a new power source for the failing city of Glenton during a widespread energy crisis. Sparky, confused about the world around him, begins constructing a new energy source, unknowing of the laws and consequences put in place. Sparky was written by Christopher Hosken. BOAP is a startup for Blender hobbyists who are interested in the 3D animation, 3D modeling, or filmmaking industry. This movie was created entirely online by a group of individuals who had never met before. The film took approximately 16 months to complete, all on a budget of $0. Rendering: Sheep-It Render Farm and crew personal computers Animation: Blender Communications: Discord and Google Drive - Original release date was September 27, 2020